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Eight years ago the Lord allowed a vision to become a reality. Our desire was to help Christian authors to get their books into print at a reasonable price. The Lord has led Faithful Life to be in a postion to effectively assist writers with their specific publishing needs.

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  • Internet presence

Initially, people in the industry mocked us because we also wanted to be in a position to help authors get their books into Christian bookstores. They told us that "when you grow-up come back and talk to us again." I guess we have grown up because we are able to distribute books into 25,000+ Christian bookstores around the country. FLP also provides authors an internet presence for their works.

Are you looking for someone to help you through the process of publishing and printing your book? Use the CONTACT form to let us know how we can help you. Enter into our online store where you will be introduced to all of our services and costs. We take special care of those of you who are in full-time Christian service, whether active or "retired."




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FL Print Services

As Faithful Life grew we were driven to assist our authors even more. Promotion and marketing are key to any authors success. To assist authors we started FL Print Services to aid them with the tools they needed. Little did anyone know just how this aspect of our work would grow.

We also assist churches, schools, non-profits,

and businesses with their printing needs

FLP offers beautiful full-color offset or digital printing priced to help meet any budget. Our products include banners (free-standing or hanging up to 60' by 150') - booklets - bookmarks - brochures - business cards - calendars - car & truck magnets - catalogs - church tracts - direct mail - door hangers - eBooks - flyers and handouts - framed gallery wraps - greeting cards - magnetic cardstock - NCR multilpe page forms - newsletters - postcards - posters - prayer cards - presentation folders - programs - reports - retail store signage - stationery & envelopes - signage - stickers - table tents - welcome packets - yard signage with stakes. . .plus!

We have created a FREE online design tool where you can design your own bookmarks, business cards, magnetic business cards, postcards, stationery & envelopes, and door hangers. Check it out.

PRINTING PRESSES: We print everything in the states -- Florida, Texas, Califorinia, Minnesota, Illinois, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey. We ship by UPS.

About Our Owner:

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James Wendorf, the owner of Faithful Life Publishers and FL Print Services was an assistant pastor/Christian school administrator for 25 years. Jim served the Lord in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Florida at various independent Baptist ministries.

His main responsibilities have been in the field of Christian education. Jim served as a Minister of Christian Education (local church ministries) and as a Christian school administrator in five different ministries. While serving in these capacities he was instrumental in starting church bookstores; recently he managed the largest Christian bookstore in Southwest Florida.

Due to his physical health issues (shingles, high blood pressure & a weakened heart) Jim had to leave the ministry in 2002. Today, Faithful Life consumes his life for the purpose of serving the Lord and helping people with their needs.

Jim and Una have been married for 36 years (Nov. 2, 2009). They have three children and five grandchildren. Jim and Una are members of Winkler Road Baptist Church in Fort Myers, FL -- their pastor is Dr. Don Strange.




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